Tamale Day

I'm ashamed to admit I've never made tamales. That changes today. Green chile, cheese, chicken tamales steamed in banana leaves. Recipe coming soon as we taste them.


Another Day, Another Pepper

I've been in Arizona and New Mexico the last seven days, deliberately without a schedule, plan, sense of direction. It's the kind of feeling one needs after constant planning, yelling at people, being the know-it-all boss intent on finding perfection, or at least continuity, consistency. So far, in a mere seven days, in desert, in …

Pozole Verde (green chile, roast pork & tomatillo stew)

This is a recipe I make at the restaurant. It'll feed twenty or more, but you can easily scale it down to make a small batch (cut it in half! or quarter!). The Hatch chile harvest starts next month and I always get homsick for AZ around that time. Big black monsoons, the smell of …