Papaya Thief Considers Operation Zombie Revival

Hello. Is anybody out there?

This site is going to come back from the dead. It also happens to be Easter.

I would like know what you’d like to hear about from the Papaya Thief. Coming soon will be: breakfast pizza, sourdough breads, fat camp adventure, and my favorite salad that only costs $4.

But really, send me a story idea, a recipe challenge, or a box of Annie’s Mac and see what happens!

Did anyone miss me?

Random cheese portraiture

6 Replies to “Papaya Thief Considers Operation Zombie Revival”

  1. Just had lamb with family and friends. Did not want to “ruin” it, as most of our guests are used to it plain. I added salt and pepper and a sprinkle of sage and olive oil. The complement was couscous with mint, lemon zest, lemon juice, scallions, and roasted pine nuts. Chutney on the side. Beverly made tortillas, tyesha brought ambrosia, and someone added hummus. I roasted some mini taters, onion and carrot, and some anaheims.
    Yummy Easter dinner.

  2. glad you are resurrecting your site, and what better day to do that than Easter Sunday, right? I actually signed up to your newsletter a few months ago and am looking forward to seeing what you send our way. As summer approaches and the temps continue to rise, recipe ideas for dishes with summer fruits n veggies in season would be great. Thanks.

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