(New Year) Resolutions and Such

I sent out an email a minute ago to followers of La Copa Llena’s newsletter. If you’re not signed up for La Copa’s newsletter, click here and do it now. I’ll only bother you a few times a year.

 Happy Holidays

A Few Announcements

We’ve had a busy couple of months. With our reopening in early November, the Thanksgiving rush, restarting Sunday brunch, plus playing around with new kitchen experiments, I’ve hardly had time to write a letter letting you know what’s been going on.

New Recipes (shameless self-promo)

I’ve been transcribing old recipes and will be posting a few each week on The Papaya Thief. Some classics like the ginger marinated skirt steak, or wahoo with coconut green curry, plus a few new items like the grilled Vietnamese pork tenderloin with shrimp fried rice.

I’ve always told my cooks that cooking is easy, it’s just food. I don’t mean to quote Ratatouille, but anyone can cook. I think it’s true. It’s also true that some people are more sensitive to certain flavors. I’ve worked with chefs who have a super salty palette, others who put lemon zest in everything. One chef loved smoky flavors and seemed to toss his own brined and smoked ham hock into everything. But what binds us together is the sharing, the sustenance, and the love involved in the creation and presentation. Just as you are what you eat, your food is what you put into it.

Point is, I would like to regularly share with you the things we like to make at La Copa Llena and at home. So stay tuned and visit PapayaThief.com to sign up for future updates.

Last Minute Gifts

La Copa Llena gift certificates are available for purchase. Get one today as a last minute Christmas present or a thoughtful birthday gift. Call or email us, we’ll arrange for pick up or we can mail your gift card for you. Coming soon: purchasing gift certificates directly from LaCopaLlena.com .

Holiday Schedule

Starting Christmas Day we will be open seven days a week (one exception: we will be closed January 1st). The bar opens at 3pm everyday for happy hour, and we’ll be offering a new happy hour menu until 7pm. New items include burgers ground in-house topped with zucchini pickles and ‘fancy sauce’ starting at five bucks; a small bowl of steamed mussels with white wine, garlic butter, sambal and lime; and some kind of a fish taco too!

Brunch is served from 10am to 2pm every Sunday.

Sunday Music is Back

Visit us Sundays for live music while you enjoy the sunset and cocktails during happy hour. We will post a schedule of musicians on our website soon.

Thank You!

We would like to thank you all for your support these past seven years. Our team has worked hard at making something fun and delicious for others to enjoy, and without your support we would never have made it this far. Since we moved into the historic Black Eagle last year, we’ve doubled our efforts in order to share with you a beautiful waterfront restaurant with fresh, good food, great cocktails, and excellent service. On behalf of La Copa Llena, we wish you a happy winter and successful new year.



Buen provecho!

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