La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle

The new restaurant: La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle.

We’re hard at work trying to get open by November 1st. A menu featuring old favorites and new experiments. Beautiful sunsets, great booze, good music. All what you’ve come to expect from Casa Isleña, just bigger and better.

It’s humbling and exciting and a bit nerve-racking, but we’re confident it’s going to work out just fine.

Hope to see you there. – B.

2 Replies to “La Copa Llena at the Black Eagle”

  1. Good luck to you all, looking forward to seeing you in November. Is there a papaya tree nearby? I would hate it if you couldn’t make your green papaya salad!

  2. Will there still be an restaurant at the hotel?
    Glad to hear that you will be the chef at the Black Eagle. I’m looking forward to great meals. Gorgeous potential but very lack luster the past two seasons.

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