I’ve been in between a few things, hence the infrequent posts. Lately, food-wise, I’ve only been eating soft-boiled eggs with avocado toast. Or for dinner the other night, I used Mark’s laser clams (razor) for some delicious pasta with bacon and herbs and butter, lemon zest and garlic.

I’ll try to post more. But short story: I’ve moved, found new work, trying to get myself into a routine before starting grad school. If you want me to post pictures of my fancy cinnamon-apple oatmeal, just ask. It’s pretty great. But then again it’s just oatmeal.

In the meantime, if you know of some place I should try in Portland now that I’m here, let me know. I’ll go, swear to watermelon. If it stinks, I’m sending you the bill. If it’s good, thanks. Either way, I will try to write a couple paragraphs about it.

More soon, promise.

-B.Imagep.s. I miss my little man P-Dro!

4 Replies to “Transitions”

  1. I lived in Portland for nearly 10 years. What I enjoyed most about that fine city was going out for breakfast. The breakfast scene there is just fantastic. My favorite place to go is Besaw’s and I always ordered the avocado omlette with a biscuit (instead of toast) on the side. Here is what I posted about Besaw’s.

    Enjoy for me please…I’ve been living in Brazil for almost 2 years now….and I miss this restaurant!!! It offers EVERYTHING I look for when going out to eat!!

    1. That’s funny, Melissa. There’s a place in Santa Cruz that I have the same feelings for, although it’s been at least ten years since I was last there. It’s a brightly painted shack called Brazil that served all kinds of delicious Brazilian breakfast (I heard that they expanded and offer lunch and dinner now). I’ve tried many times to make feijoada and I think I nailed it once or twice when I put it on my menu in Puerto Rico. Big hunks of baguette, poached egg on collard greens, a touch of yogurt and orange supremes all on top of a big scoop of Rancho Gordo black beans that have been slow-cooked with thick slices of bacon, smoked ham hock, chorizo, onions, garlic… I already ate dinner and I’m making myself hungry again.
      Hope everything’s good down there! I’ll be sure to check out your place soon!

      1. I´m glad to hear you´ll visit my favorite restaurant for breakfast in Portland. I´m sure you´ve discoverd that there are many amazing places to eat in Portland! You can eat just about anything there! Your Collard greens with poached eggs on a baguette sounds amazing…what a nice twist on the basic feijoada. I´ve come to enjoy black beans over rice with an egg on top. Usually that´s topped off with farofa (manioch flour…) Feijoada is popular on Saturdays here. Just about every restaurant serves a feijoada buffet on Saturdays which consists of feijoada, fried collards, and manioch…topped off with believe it or not, orange slices! There´s another popular dish here that I really enjoy called Barreado. It´s from a small colonial town known as Morretes. It´s basically like pulled pork and its cooked in a special pot which is sealed off (if done properly) with manioch flour. Here´s more info on the dish:

        Enjoy Portland!!!

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