4 Replies to “Quiche this week!”

  1. You make the best quiche ever. I keep looking for the recipe on you site but haven’t found it. Please add to your site. The crust was crisp….but mine is soggy. Your secret is?

    1. Thanks! I actually use Julia’s recipe for quiche dough (pâté brisée). Key is to keep the butter really cold but still blend it well (frisage). The quiche innards are super easy. I’ve been meaning to post the quiche recipe and take pictures of the whole process. In the meantime follow Julia’s recipe, par bake the crust, and use the following as a base:

      For a deep, 9-inch springform I mix:

      13 eggs
      1 quart heavy cream
      2 cups milk
      Salt and pepper

      Before pouring in the batter I sometimes will line the crust with the cheese then layer up my ingredients (sautéed leeks and mushrooms, roasted peppers, et cetera). Or if using a soft cheese I’ll just sprinkle it on top.

      Hope this helps.

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