Saturday bread


Wetter dough, less working, same flour and baking technique. I think I’ll take Ian Crown’s advice and use a sour starter. He thinks it has a different effect on the fermenting process, the yeast and bacteria create a perfect environment for creating longer strands of gluten. Something like that.

Meanwhile, the grain in this batch is a little lighter. Time to switch to bread flour (higher gluten content), make a sour sponge (extra flavor plus the added science experiment), and we’ll see what happens next.

One Reply to “Saturday bread”

  1. by January when we come back, you’ll have it mastered. There is something about bread in PR. I love the fresh bread you get at the bakery or even at Econo (well maybe not Econo). Is it the water? the flour? something..
    Ate in NYC today, in Union Square is the holiday market and they have great food stalls. Momofuko Milk Bar had something called “crack pie”. it was crack… totally addictive. butter, cream, more butter. Damn.

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